We understand that every reliable company cannot afford demurrage due to deficiency of car, plain or machine parts. That’s why we do express deliveries for every load. Our actions avoids risk of losing your income. A crisis situations are always an unpleasant surprise for companies. It appears in less expected moments and despite frequent remedies. We are prepared for situations of this type. We have developed an effective method of quick actions to avoid those. We offer dedicated transports for automotive, air, electronic and clothing industries. We acquired vehicles adapted for industrial transports. Our fleet is Renault with varied load and transport capacity, 24 hour a day GPS monitoring and full control of the load. We are working expressly for maximum satisfaction of our clients.

no re-load, no risk

Our company provide dedicated transport, tailored to the individual customer’s needs. We are not
a courier company that transporting goods to many customers and therefore require a longer waiting period. Our company transports the goods only to the recipient of the shipment with the most optimal route, in the POINT-TO-POINT system, without additional reloading. We guarantee safety
and timeliness. By resigning from any additional charges and reloading, we eliminate the risk
of damage to shipments and slowdown of transport.

fast act is our biggest trump

We respect Your time and understand need to quickly deliver an important shipment. Therefore we adhere action what guarantees implement service in a rapid pace. We are specialized in a just-in-time loads realized by a reliable fleet of vehicles with a load capacity of up to 1.5 tons.
There is no distance that we could not overcome and each order is a confirmation. We provide delivery of entrusted loads to us within 24 hours to designated places within the European Union. We understand the importance of continuity of production, so to avoid expensive stoppages, we offer our